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This Tea is a must-have in your everyday routine. The blend containing Baobab Fruit and Acerola Cherry which are both rich in VIT C, antioxidants potassium, magnesium, Iron, and Zinc.

This great-tasting tea has a spicy Ginger kick with smooth caramel and honey flavour.

Super-charged with Baobab fruit, Acerola Cherry and Ginger - the perfect blend to support your immune system. Great tasting and functional herbal tea,  join the revolution and incorporate this into your routine.


Ingredients List

Rosehip Fruit Shells - Organic 
Ginger Root - Organic - 18%
Fennel Seed - Organic
Hibiscus Flower - Organic 
Peppermint Leaf - Organic 
Liquorice Root - Organic
Baobab Fruit - Organic - 6%
Elderberry - Organic
Acerola Cherry extract - Organic
Natural Honey Flavouring (2%)